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This game is a pretty simple and fun multiplayer rogue-like/exploration game, you are a robot exploring the dark corridors of an abandoned facility
seeking treasure long forgotten. But beware! Ancient, terrible foes are waiting for you, and the more doors you breach, 
the more you feel healthy and the more treasure you carry, the worse it is for you!

W A S D = Player movement
Mouse = Player rotation
Mouse Click = Shoot/Punch

-Single player or Cooperative for 4 players via direct ip connection
-Carrying more treasure means less speed
-Having more health means less field of view
-Every door you breach, enemy spawns in the rooms you already cleared
-At gameover you can select a card spending treasure for a chance to get new weapons
-3 different characters
-6 different weapons


ImpScape_LD40.zip 17 MB

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